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Tips for Growing Magic Mushrooms

Tips for Growing Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are known to be hallucinogenic, which can bring a sense of being “high.” That “high” feeling is achieved during the trip to unconsciousness when the mushroom is taken or ingested. Magic mushrooms can bring you a wonderful shamanic voyage to the realms normal people cannot go. It is best to experience such a heavenly experience if the mushroom has been prepared by yourself, from the planting of the spores to the drying of the magic mushrooms. As such, growing magic mushrooms can be practical.
Growing magic mushrooms is not the same with planting potato in the backyard. There are several steps that must be followed in order to cultivate a good quality of magic mushrooms. For the novice growers, who are very anxious to get started with their trip, there are easy guides that can be downloaded on the Internet. The spores and the materials needed are also sold online. If you want to grow your own magic mushrooms, here are some tips that may help you in the growing process.
First, you must have a good quality mushroom strain. A good quality and easy to grow magic mushroom can definitely have a more wonderful trip. You can buy a good one through the Internet. There are online stores selling very good quality magic mushroom strains. Most of the strains sold in the Internet are easy to grow. They also come with do-it-yourself growing magic mushrooms kits and guides.

Another important thing is that you must have an appropriate substrate. Growing magic mushrooms is not the same as growing ordinary mushrooms. As such, a substrate is needed. This is where the magic mushrooms will be grown. The substrate may be a rice cake or something else that is suitable for inoculating and colonizing by the mushroom spores or fungus. It is important that the substrate contains no preservatives so that no mold, bacteria or other organism will develop. Hence, the substrate needs to be sterilized by heating the jars or cans, where the substrate is placed.

When inoculating the substrate with the spore, it is absolutely imperative that the environment or the area where the inoculating process will be done is very, very clean. The syringe should tough nothing but the cake, or whichever substrate you may use, when injecting the spores. Contamination will thwart the yield of magic mushrooms, so it is important that the needle of the syringe is not contaminated. And in growing magic mushrooms, there is the incubation stage, which is the easiest part. The incubation of the spores needs to be done in a terrarium. The terrarium should be maintained to have around 90% humidity to produce the best results. It must be placed in a dark room.

Now, there you have some helpful tips in growing magic mushrooms. Enjoy the experience and have a blissful voyage once the mushrooms are dried up. However, using this psychedelic substance should be done responsibly. It is not to be abused. You might want to buy now since in the Netherlands, where most sellers are based, the magic mushrooms are going to be banned soon.

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